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Thank you for stopping by!  If you are here it is because you received a communication from your rental management company, Progress Residential, about an inspection we need to complete on your property.  Do not worry.  We are committed to make the process quick and easy for the resident.  

Why are you inspecting my home and what can I expect?   Progress Residential is committed to providing the highest quality of life to their residents.  This requires an active property maintenance and review program to identify any potential issues before they arise.  We will be completing a visual walk around the interior and exterior of property.  The inspection itself takes approximately 15-30 minutes.  We are looking for damages or potential issues and we are also recording information on the home systems, such as the serial numbers on ac units, etc.  

We at PRO Nation assure you that our inspectors will offer a professional experience and we are committed to make the inspection as convenient as possible to the resident.  Please feel free to give us a text or call and we can help get you scheduled today!